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Writing Tips: Character Development

How’s everyone today?

Let’s talk a little about character development, shall we?

What exactly means character development?

Character development is the ability to create a three-dimensional character with personality, depth and a clear motivation that fits the plot.

Characters goes through changes and growth throughout the story, it is crucial that the plot has an impact on them.

A well round protagonist has to have flaws and a motivation. Their flaws will make them human and their motivation will move the plot along. The protagonist has to be constructed carefully so they won’t be perfect, but still can make the reader cheer for them.

The anti-hero isn’t necessary the Machiavellian villain we are used to. In the first book of my romantic series Ellis Montgomery, the “villain” is also her mother, for the constant criticising. The villain has to have a point of view, a reason to be saying/doing the things they do. They also have to have some power over the hero. Yes, it can be literal power in fantastic novels, but it can also be emotional hold.

An interesting trick to develop better secondary character is imagining they can be the protagonist to the next book of our series! Even if you aren’t writing a series, give proper

personality, wants and needs to your secondary characters so they can develop on paper and make the protagonist’s world believable.

Remember! Imperfect, believable and flawed characters will enrich your story.

  • Create unique memorable characters!

  • Give them skills and interests!

Develop further the inner dialogue by creating inner conflict, opinions and motivations.

Now, how much you know your hero?

Answer easy simple questions about them when creating your hero!

  1. What’s their favourite food, movie and book?

  2. Who is the person they trust the most?

  3. What is their biggest assets and short comings?

Stay gorgeous xx


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