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Writing Tips: Alpha, Beta Reader and Arcs

Hello, hello, hello my beautiful writers!

How’s 2021 is treating you?

Today we getting into Alpha, beta reader and arcs readers!

I’m sure you heard about them all! Writers and readers alike have a problem navigating those terms. In all honesty it was still very confusing for me until recently, it doesn’t help that many people would put information out there that only serves to confuse us even more. So let’s go one by one, shall we?

Alpha Reader

That’s a term I haven’t heard much, and I can only guess if because they work are similar to an evaluation editor!

What an Alpha Reader does is read the rough draft of your work. After writing and self-editing, the Alpha Reader is the person who’s job is to point out the rough edges and plot holes. Alpha readers are usually somewhat of an editor, trustworthy and critical. Their job is extremely important, the Alpha Reader and the Author has to have thick skin!

Beta Reader

So that one we can conclude by name, right? They see the work after the Alpha Reader pointed out the bigger mistakes and the author had a change to edit. Their work is more casual, as they are your first audience they give valuable feedback on pace, if they like the characters and if the book was a good experience overall.

*It’s always best to have more than one beta reader so you can get different points of views of how the book will be received.

The Famous ARCs

Advance Reader Copies are the pre-published but complete version of a book soon to be released. It’s the opportunity to read a book before everyone else, a true bookworm’s dream! They usually come with a marketing promotion, if you’re a blogger or have some kind of literary following the chances of being selected for an ARC are bigger.

Bonus Tip: How to become an arc reader

For big publishers the cost of an ARC is lower than the final product so they would be quite generous to give them away in order to generate a buzz around a book.

For indie authors, many of them request for new ARC readers on their website and social media platforms. Follow your favourite author and keep and eye for their next release!

*Also check Goodreads Reviewer's Group, NetGalley, and Edelweiss for opportunities.

Annnnd I’m also looking for ARC readers!! Do you want to be an ARC reader for my next release?

Send a message through my website with your social media handle.

(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.)

Leave a comment if you have any question!

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