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Keepsake Extended Epilogue


I watched my new husband punching a boxing bag, the sweat coating his warm brown skin.

When I woke up to an empty bed, I knew where to find him. Down at the hotel’s gym, working out before we left for the day.

I was so absorbed by the way his body moved, I didn’t realize when he stopped the bag and met my eyes through the full-length mirror.

“Is it a habit of yours watching me work out?”

I smiled slowly, not hiding my appreciation. “Yes.”

He chuckled, his eyes scanning me from top to bottom. I had changed into a beach dress, the material flimsy with my bikini underneath. His eyes made a path down my body, burning up when they met up with mine once again.

He turned to me, and with a crook of his head, called me to his side. Rubbing his mouth, he barely kept his hunger at bay.

I reached for him, biting my bottom lip. Quickly, he cupped my chin, his thumb rolling my lip from between my teeth.

“This is mine to bite.” He rasped.

“You shouldn’t have left the bed then. I was there. Naked.”

He narrowed his eyes, stepping even closer, his body warm, burning when it got closer to mine. “Don’t play with me, Jefa.”

I was certain he was going to take me right there, in a hotel gym in Cuba, with a full-length mirror as our only witness, but when the growl broke free, I heard a noise behind me.

Alvaro’s eyes followed over my shoulder, dipping his chin to whoever entered the gym. I could hear them starting on the treadmill, but my eyes never left my husband.

It was an experience every time he looked my way. He was never shy about how much he wanted me. I felt it every time he held me close, or when he watched me from across the dinner table.

My life would never be the same from the moment I married El Toro. Women couldn’t look away, men looked nothing compared to him. And it wasn’t just because he was bigger than everybody else. Only the kids and I knew how truly amazing that man was.

“Let’s go to our room.” He murmured, dropping his hand to my waist.

I tsked. “Snooze you lose. Go change. I want to go to the beach.”

He watched me for a second too long, trying to be sure I wasn’t joking. Eventually, he groaned, cursing under his breath, and led me out of the gym.




My eyes turned from the e-reader I had in my hands when a shadow blocked the sun. My new husband was holding back a growl, making my lips twitch. That look of his would make anyone run for their lives. Actually, a few people on the beach were looking like they were ready to do so.

“What’s wrong?”

He had sunglasses on so I couldn’t see the path his eyes ran, but I could feel my skin burning like he was touching me. He looked taller from this angle, his skin almost golden under the Cuban sun.

I was married to El Toro for a week, and in that week he: fucked me in every way possible, growled at any man who dared to look at me, and woke me up with his head between my legs three times.

Married life was good.

Without replying, he lowered down and moved my legs, sitting between them on the lounger.

“Are you done?” he asked.


His hands moved over my skin and up to my waist, fingers hooking on the string of my bikini ready to rip it off. I couldn’t hold myself back and looked both sides to make sure no beachgoer was looking our way. Thankfully, Alvaro’s frown was enough to scare everyone off.

“You’re playing with fire, Lo.” His voice was dark.

“I’m not playing.” My hand was still on my e-reader, frozen on the spot.

I gasped when he pulled the strings, not exposing me but letting his threat be understood.


“What you’re going to do when I take this off and fuck you in front of everyone?”

“I’d say we have children to come back home and being arrested in Cuba is not something I want to do.”

He twisted his fingers, making the strings somehow tighter, stinging me.

“You make me wait and you dress like that?” he kept saying, twisting again, putting more pressure on my hips. “I can see your nipples, Jefa.”

I huffed and looked down. I knew what I was doing when I packed the white string bikini. But it wasn’t see-through!

“I’m going to spread your legs and fuck you until you can’t scream anymore. Is that all you want?”

I gulped, needing to close my legs and work some friction. He noticed my need and his frown turned into a smile right away.

“Tell me Jefa. What if I’m the one playing?”

“I was never—”

“I want to play with my food until you’re begging.”

“We can go back to the room now.” I rushed to say.

Alvaro’s gaze lowered down from my face to the nipples he allegedly could see, and to my navel, finally focusing on the small triangle between my legs.

His grip on the strings loosened, and he let them go. I held my breath when he palmed my thighs, slowly, without a care in the world. His hands curved under my ass and his thumbs made tiny circles too close to the place I needed him the most.

“Alvaro, let’s go back to the hotel,” I asked again.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” He shrugged.

I said nothing and he kept with his infuriating massage, a smile on his lips. I squirmed in my seat, needing him to use those fingers in the right place, even if we were in public.

“You went for a swim?” he asked out of the blue.

I reeled back, shaking my head. “No, I was reading—”

He smiled, “Funny, ‘cause I can see a patch of wet fabric just…” I held my breath. “Here.”

His finger touched me right there, it lasted a second, but the blood ran through my veins, and my eyes popped open. I wanted more. I needed more.

Before I had a chance to beg, Alvaro stood up, fixing himself up when his erection was obvious, but without looking too bothered.

I packed my things and threw a dress over my head, knowing we were going back to the room to finish what we had started. My legs were wobbly as I put the sandals on, I couldn’t think. I needed him so badly.

To my dismay, when we arrived, he went for a shower. Alone. He even locked the door.

My mouth gaped open when he exited the bathroom, completely dressed. I couldn’t hide my disapproval, but it only make him laugh and say it was my turn to shower.

We ended up in the restaurant after that, Alvaro refusing to even acknowledge my complaints. He was dressed in jeans and a white linen shirt, looking like a god again. I put on a nice dress, flowy and red, it looked cute on me, even if I was frustrated as I got dressed.

My new husband never let the mood sour. He took us to our table and talked with the waiting staff like they were old friends. When the lights when down, and we finished our food, he took my hand and brought me right to the middle of the restaurant, where other couples were dancing.

I wasn’t the best dancer in the world, but he was big and knew how to lead, so I trusted and swayed in his arms.

“How are you feeling?” He whispered in my ear.

“Horny,” I replied honestly.

He chuckled, gripping my waist a little too strongly. “I meant, did you like the food? You liked today?”

I glanced up, craning my neck to look at him. “I like all days with you, Alvaro.”

He hummed under his breath, flushing our bodies together and tucking me under his chin. We danced for a little longer before he breathed in my hair, and whispered some more, “I never thought it could be like this.”

I nodded. He didn’t even need to say one more word. We were in a gorgeous restaurant in Havana, dancing under the stars. He was warm, and I fitted perfectly in his arms. After everything, I knew what he meant.

It was hard to imagine I’d ever be happy after so much pain. It was like being in a hole where I couldn’t see the sun. We came back from it, us and the kids. We dragged ourselves from that hole.

Yeah, there’s always sadness when we lost someone we loved. But there was also happiness waiting for us.

I closed my eyes and rested on his chest, feeling his heart beating. He moved the hand holding mine, and gripped me behind the neck, humming when I so easily let him maneuver me to look at him again.

“You make me happy, Jefa.”

I smiled, “You make me happy too.”

His kiss was just a taste, his lips touching mine for a second before he put space between us.

“You’re always such a good girl.” He said. “I can’t believe you played dirty today.”

“What?” I tried to move my head, but he kept his grip firm.

“You played dirty the whole day. Teasing me in the morning, then with that white bikini.”

“I wasn’t teasing you at all. Anyway, we are over that, Alvaro,” I argued. “You’ve got your revenge at the beach, and by locking the door when you were showering. If anything, you’re playing dirty.”

Alvaro shook his head, “We are not even close to being even.”

“Alvaro what—”

“But I know how we can make it.” His grip loosened, and I moved again on my own accord.

“How?” I dared to ask.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he took me by the waist, twirling us around the dance floor, taking exaggerated smiles from the other women. Then, he whispered to me, “Go to the women’s bathroom, Jefa. Lean over the sink, dress up, no panties, and wait for me.”

I snorted, thinking surely it was a joke, but when I looked at him? There was no humor behind his eyes.

“Alvaro—” I started, shaking my head.

“Don’t you want to make this even?”

“That’s not remotely even.”

He danced with me in his arms, his face showing nothing like he wasn’t asking for something insane.

“Do what I’m telling you.” And this time he nipped my earlobe, making my knees melt.

Right there, I knew I was going to do it. Everything I felt that afternoon came back with vengeance, and I needed him more than anything.

He let me go, his eyes still on a dare and I moved in wobbly legs away from him. My mouth was dry when I found my way to the restroom, already playing and replaying the consequences of being caught.

A week ago, at our wedding reception, Alvaro talked a little about being scared.

“I’m not afraid to admit I was scared to take this on. Logan and the kids. It was a lot of responsibility, a lot could go wrong. And look what happened. They changed my life. They changed me. I always take on challenges, and sure this was the biggest one. Now I know we should always do what makes us scared, that’s exactly what will change your life.” 

Sure, he was talking about our life with the kids, but that could apply to anything, right? Living with anxiety, sometimes it felt like I was afraid of everything. My fight-or-flight response was always ready to kick in. With Alvaro, I felt safe. I knew I could always count on him.

He once told me he’d slay all my demons, and he hadn’t stopped doing so.

Maybe I should have started with an easy fear to conquer, but nothing like the present.

I found the bathroom blessedly empty, breathing easily only when I check the three stalls and confirmed no one was there.

Then I removed my panties quickly and scrunched them in my hand. I faced the Logan in the mirror, a blush creeping from my ears and taking over everywhere else.

If someone got in, I could hide my panties and pretend nothing was happening. But leaning over the sink with my dress up? That was harder to explain.

Slowly, I felt the marble under my fingertips, splaying one hand and keeping the other firmly holding the panties.

Then I leaned over, and bit by bit, I dared myself to do it. Squeezing my eyes closed, I flipped my dress up, exposing my ass.

And I waited.

I waited only for five minutes, but in that position, it felt like hours. I never moved, afraid if I did I’d lose my cool.

When the door finally swung open, I swallowed my fears and concentrated on him.

Alvaro opened a dark smile when he saw I followed his instructions. Closing the door behind him, his eyes never left me as he slowly moved, positioning himself behind me.

We watched each other through the mirror, and he still wouldn’t touch me.

“You look good like this.”

That was all he said, and still, I felt my whole body responding. My toes curled, knowing I was so incredibly wet.

I needed him to touch me. I needed something, but he did nothing for a long while, his eyes darting from the mirror to my ass and back and forth.

Finally, his hand descended on me, smacking my ass. It wasn’t hard enough, but I yelped with the echo.

He kneaded my flash, taking it all in his hand, and then let his thumb wander from my ass and down until he found me drenched.

“Jefa, I’m starting to think you like this.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, but that only made him chuckle.

I held my breath when he played, biting my tongue not to beg for him to do something, to touch me more, to fuck me already.

He moved his hand to circle me from the front. I breathed out slowly when I felt his finger down my slit and up again, circling my clit.

“You’re so fucking wet, Logan.” He growled, “I’ll let you starve more times now.”

“Please don’t!” came out of me in a rush.

Alvaro made eye contact through the mirror, his hand now completely cupping me.

“Beg.” He threw his chin up.

“Beg?” I repeated.

“Beg for me, Jefa.”

I licked my lips and he watched, still doing nothing else.

“Alvaro, please fuck me. I need it so bad.”

“And now you have learned your lesson?”

“Do you want me to burn that bikini? Done.”

He removed his hand. I almost whined but he started undoing his buttons.

“The lesson is I get to fuck you all the time, Jefa.”

“We were in public.” I reasoned.

I angled my body to watch him, seeing him take himself out and stroke, so close I felt his knuckles caressing my ass.

“I get to fuck you everywhere. Let the fuckers watch.”

I never had a chance to let him know that was an unreasonable request because he thrust inside, making himself at home so easily.

He recently got more piercings and I could feel them all squeezing as they went in one by one.  I moaned to the mirror, and he started fast, holding my hips and moving me to the rhythm he liked. Taking his cock out, just to hammer inside again, stretching me.

“I’ll never stop wanting you.” He told me. “I can’t even look at you. Fuck.”

He shivered, pushing harder while his hand reached for my chest and lowered my dress. My nipples felt the cold from the sink marble, making me hiss.

“Fuck, Logan, touch yourself and let me watch.”

Before I asked how I was going to do that, he hooked a hand on my hair, bringing my torso up without ever stopping pumping into me. Looking me over the shoulder, he said again, “Touch yourself and do it quickly. I’m going to come too soon.”

I whimpered, my eyes glued to his reflection. I bunched together the material of my dress to the side, baring me completely to him, and with the other hand, I touched my clit, slowly at first.

“Faster, Jefa. I want you squeezing my cock.”

I obey him once again, getting lost in the feeling of his hand on my hair, his cock filling me, and my fingers working fast over my clit.

His jaw clenched, and I knew he was about to come. It didn’t take long and I was ready to follow. I called his name, working faster and letting him know what was about to happen, and he took me even harder over the limits I thought possible.

We both came, and my body melt making me see stars under my eyelids. Alvaro let go of my hair with a grunt and a kiss on my shoulder.  

He let himself out, and I straight up, my dress falling to cover my legs. I smoothed my clothes, but we all knew it was too late for that.

I turned to face him when he was finishing with his belt, a satisfied smile on my lips.

“Give me that.” He took the panties off my hands and stuffed them in his pocket.

“What I am supposed to wear?”

Alvaro gripped my chin and spoke between my lips, “My cum down your legs.”

I shivered, but I couldn’t resist asking.

“You like the white bikini that much, huh?”

Alvaro shook his head, stepping closer and bringing his forehead to rest on mine.

“I like you that much, Logan Castillo.”

“Maybe you even love me.” I smiled.

“Maybe I can’t live without you.”

“Good, you’ll never have to. I promised until death do us part.”

“Not even death, nena. I’d look for you even in hell.”

I frowned. “I’d definitely be in heaven.”

His lips twitched. “So I hope the angels let me in.”

We smiled at each other for another minute, letting it all sink in. All the heartache, all the pain. It brought us here, being so happy and not afraid to be.

He stepped back and offered me his hand. “Let’s go. I need to pay the bill and leave a huge tip.”

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