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The most eligible bachelor, twelve beautiful women, and a mansion full of cameras.

Callie Sosa likes her job. No, scratch that. Callie loves and lives for her job. 
Love Makeover has been a reality TV household name for the past twelve years. Callie is going for a promotion and she needs to prove herself this season. But things get complicated when the new Eligible, Sebastian Riggs, starts going off script.

Charming, sarcastic, and with a smile powerful enough to weaken the knees, Sebastian is perfect for Love Makeover.

The only problem is he doesn’t seem very interested in the twelve hopeful women competing for his heart.
All his attention is on the little field producer with an attitude problem. Callie.
It doesn’t matter how hard to resist it is. Callie can’t give up on her dreams and fall for someone off limits.
He has a contract with the network.
He’s just part of the job.
Nothing about this season will be like any other. Sebastian is going for what he wants. And all he wants is Callie Sosa.

Stakes are high, the mansion is full and you better don’t miss this season of Love Makeover.

Amy Oliveira_Bring me Back

Hallie Delos Santos promised never to come back.

Gossip is the backbone of the small town of Bluehaven. To make sure never to be swallowed, Hallie kept quiet, buying time until she could escape.


Five years later, she’s back.

Not the same girl she was, not as afraid of Bluehaven anymore. Hallie wants to feel right on her own skin and survive the town she once hated. But when she meets Daniel, it becomes clear remaining quiet isn’t an option.


Daniel Miller is taking Hallie’s words one by one, making the silent girl talk. The town through her eyes isn’t a pretty sight and falling in love isn’t in the plans. When it is Daniel’s turn to share, his secrets might send Hallie away.

Nothing to hide, Hallie now has to survive Bluehaven yet again.

Amy Oliveira_Take me at Midnight.png

Sweet, funny and forbidden! 

“I think my question was clear. Are you or are you not receiving visits from three ghosts encouraging you to change your behavior?” 

He squared his shoulders, but the amused expression was there. “Isn’t that just for Christmas?”

“Well, I’m sorry, but it’s the only logical explanation for you to be treating me nicely right now.”

Dove Rivera has a problem. A six feet, grumpy problem right in the middle of her boardroom.

After years preparing to take over her dad’s seat as the CEO of Rivera & Cruz, Dove is quickly realizing the problem of every Rivera is… Cruz.

Her new business partner is hell bent on keeping things the same and he’s ready to be a roadblock. Cruz is so stubborn, not even an innocent New Year’s Eve Party will lighten up his mood.

Four hours until midnight, a scavenger hunt, plenty of sushi and gluten-free soy sauce for Dove, she knows things could go smoother if Cruz lowered his walls just a little bit.

But he won’t, and he can’t.

Because she’s forbidden,

And he is her father’s best friend.


Love me, Maddie Mendoza: A best friends to lovers romance 

“Little by little we crossed the line. And I wasn’t strong enough to stop us…”

She’s my everything. Heart, laughter and my best friend.
Since we were five years old the girl next door is a constant in my life.
I’m not stupid enough to jeopardize the only good thing going on for me, even if her body is the only thing I can think about. When her skin is all I want to taste.
It only takes a night to blur the lines, and now I have no idea if I need Maddie Mendoza because she’s my best friend or because I crave something more.
Everyone says a man and a woman can’t be best friends without falling into bed.

We aren’t here to prove them wrong.

*LOVE ME, MADDIE MENDOZA is a college best friends to lovers standalone romance suitable to mature audiences.


If I Ever Fall in Love (The Yellow Meadows Series)

Over a shaky breath I tell myself one more time: I’m Marcela Santiago, I’m nothing but resilient.

I’m Miss Always With a Plan, but since losing my job and becoming undocumented, my life turned into one disaster after another.
Life is chaos. Frankly, I got used to it.
Until him.
Thad J Jones barrels himself into my life like he has the right. Suddenly he’s everywhere. A musician, a flirt and a dream in a tight black t-shirt. He’s everything good girl Marcela should avoid.
But he’s offering me an out. He proposes to me when we both know becoming Mrs. Jones is the only way out of this mess.
I should say no.
It’s a felony, and he’s too good-looking to resist.

God, if I ever fall in love, I hope it’s not with my husband.

Amy Oliveira Book: Lou's Guide to Eternal Hate

Lou's Guide to Eternal Hate (Seven Days to Fall in Love Book 1)

When a horoscope believer meets a hard to hate hero…

Louisa Rodriguez can’t believe she ever went home to an annoying guy like Remy Park.

He’s the worse.

Ready to forget the encounter, Lou ships to a fantastic summer vacation with her mother, Carmen, in the Greek Islands. But soon she discovers life isn’t that great, when Remy is there with his Dad, Carmen’s boyfriend.


Not only she’s stuck in a ship with someone she can’t stand, Louisa also needs to break up her mom and her too boring of a boyfriend before it’s too late (and wedding bells are involved!).

Amy Oliveira Book: Our Last Season

Our Last Season (The Yellow Meadows Series)

Bette Menezes is living the same day over and over again.

The same old job, the same old (less than enthusiastic) boyfriend. She found comfort in the routine, but that’s not how life should be.

Our Last Season is the story of loss and the promise of a new brand new beginning.

*Amy’s Tips: A beautiful introduction to Bette, Our Last Season is a short story prequel to Letters from Clara. Meet Bette, Clara and Tara before the full length novel is out!

Amy Oliveira Book: Letters from Clara

Letters from Clara (The Yellow Meadows Series)

Remember: Don’t fall in love with the grumpy hunk, especially when he’s trying to steal your house.

Bette Menezes is having a rough year; her aunt died just a couple of weeks after she caught her childhood sweetheart doing the nasty with her boss. But Aunt Clara would never leave without a last surprise for her favorite niece: Bette now owns a manor in Ireland.

Darragh is a hard worker and honest man, he’s doing his best to keep the Quinn Manor standing. Life is hard, but he never thought would be so hard until a girl from Brazil comes along announcing his house is actually hers.


The long hours together won't make them forget what's at stake. Darragh doesn't care how inconvenient he is, and Bette doesn't mind how many times he yells the house is his; she’s not budging.

Amy Oliveira Book: Dating Blind

Dating Blind: The Dating Game Show (The Yellow Meadows Series)

WNB announces the release date for its new Dating Reality Show!

The dating show, Dating Blind, is scheduled to air its first episode on Valentine’s Day, is based on the studies of the famous Dr. Bernard about love and relationships of the 21st century.

One of our participants is Gianna McKenna, who believes that love doesn’t see form or gender. She’s ready for love and just wants to find someone she can trust to share a life with, which makes her jump at the opportunity to be part of this reality show.

But will she be able to have the confidence in herself to open up in front of millions of viewers on national TV and - more importantly - will it be worth to finally find her perfect match?

WNB’s Dating Blind season premiere this Sunday at 9pm.

Amy Oliveira Book: The Twelve Parties of Christmas

The Twelve Parties of Christmas: A YA Romance Novella (The Yellow Meadows Series)

London Montgomery is not going home for Christmas!


Instead of flying to Yellow Meadows - Ireland to spend time with her family, she will stay in New York City with her mother and stepfather for the first time.

London isn’t sure, but her best friends Avery and Miles have a full schedule of parties for the holiday season.

While trying to escape an awkward situation, London meets Augusto, a Brazilian with the best smile she has ever seen. In a series of meet cutes, Augusto is someone London doesn’t seem to be able to resist.

Will London survive the twelve parties of Christmas?

Amy Oliveira Book: Unabashedly Yours

Unabashedly Yours : An office romance (The Yellow Meadows Series)

When a cynic and a romance author are stuck together in an office, who will get the last word?


Darren has never had a day in his life that wasn’t completely under his control. Rina never had control over anything in her life, besides a fierce determination of becoming a great romance author.

Nothing drives her crazy like the practical way Darren chooses to live without love and nothing drives him crazier than Rina herself.

Rina only saw the work as a legal assistant as a temporary stop on her journey to live in a big city, while Darren was always perfectly content in his life as a small-town attorney. They spend their daily workdays between bickering, dealing with the town’s crazy residents, and a little bit of passive aggression (Are lawyers people?).

Will a big new case make them bond and let Darren finally see the world through his pink-haired assistant’s romantic eyes? And what will that mean for her plans of leaving Yellow Meadows?

Amy Oliveira Book: Ellis Montgomery : A funny and heartfelt small town romance!

Ellis Montgomery : A funny and heartfelt small town romance! (The Yellow Meadows Series)

Can a single mom find a Hollywood romance in a small town?

Ellis Montgomery -as people from the village of Yellow Meadows love to say- is the girl that got herself pregnant at fifteen. Now, in her late twenties and a teenager daughter, she is the woman with three jobs and a sailor mouth. While working Friday night at a local pub, Ellis meets Emmet Scott, a famous actor rumoured to be on vacation. Now, Ellis needs to find time to work, raise a daughter and try to resist Emmet Scott.But will Emmet's life be a little too much for Ellis? And will she find a way to start a romance while protecting her daughter and the life she built for herself? Ellis Montgomery Sh*tshow is story about mistakes, heartache, forgiveness and brand new chances.