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Noche buena

 The floorboards groaned despite my light steps. I had to tiptoe across the hall to Nicky’s bedroom, where I stashed all Z’s Christmas presents, but I needed to be real sneaky about it.

We always left gifts for each other under the tree, but thank God, things evolved. Twelve years ago, I left him some cool Mad Max macaroni art, and while that was top-notch, I was glad now I had the money to buy him the latest (not so new) Lego game.

Ok, full disclosure? The giant basketball player of my boyfriend wasn’t exactly obsessed with Lego video games. But he liked them enough, and I liked them a lot.

They were silly, fun, and we sometimes spent the whole day in bed just playing. So my present was more about the experience, ya know?

Mami was horrified when I told her we wouldn’t be spending Noche buena with the family. I came up with a pretty good excuse. Well, a pretty convincing lie, saying we were doing something together with the guys, trying to argue our roommates were our family too, and promising we’ll be home first thing in the morning.

Was she happy? No.

But we got away with it. Especially when I reminded her that she could go to Misa de Gallo with Abuelita without me complaining about them putting dinner on hold. No one likes a hungry Maddie.

Anyway, the truth was, Aisha and Nick were spending what was described as a very Brazilian Christmas Eve, involving a layered chocolate dessert called pavê that almost made me beg to be invited. And Jay left days ago to be with his dads.

With no one around to catch me in my super secret sneaking, I moved quickly to Nicky’s bedroom and opened the door.

I was horrible at keeping secrets.

What I really wanted was to give him the gift and beg him to open and play already, but I pushed that urge down. We had time. Tomorrow or the next day after.

Bitch, I made it to my happy ending. And I was here to orgasm and stay.

Without giving more time to be discovered, I slid the parcel onto the floor and closed the door before I could see where it landed.

Not even a second later, the bedroom door creaked open. “Cariño?”

My heart melted. Have you ever looked at someone and your heart skipped a beat?

That was Zeek King to me. I looked at him and I melted. I knew him since we were too small to hop from each other’s windows and still, every time I looked at him, I was out of air.

He stood there, in our house, looking at me with a funny expression as I guiltily fidget with my hands in front of my body.

Zeek had his basketball shorts on, his curls were messy from his nap, his voice still thick from sleep.

And no shirt.

God heavens, no shirt.

I was the luckiest girl on earth. My man was… everything. Tall, brown, and delicious. The peaks and valleys of his chest were the most exquisite torture I ever had to endure. My eyes followed his muscles down to the very top of the elastic band, that V of muscle, and just a trail of hair leading down to--

“Whatever you thinking, I know it’s filthy.”

My mouth fell open. “Me? Never. Take your head out of the gutter.” I stepped closer, glad he wasn’t asking about why I was standing at Nicky’s door like a weirdo. “Good nap?”

Z nodded, rubbing his hand over his face. “I needed that. What you got up to?”

I shrugged, “You know, this and that.”

And then he did that thing… Man, that thing I wanted to die for.

No, wait, let’s go for the top three best moments of Zeek Marcus King:    

Coming strong at number three: That thing I liked with his tongue.

A very important number two: He always left me the last bite. It didn’t matter what we were eating. The last bite was always mine.

And my winner, the absolutely best thing Zeek Marcus King did: He tilted his head and bit his bottom lip like he wasn’t sure if he wanted to chuckle or eat me up.

 He killed me with one look. Oh yeah, that’s the shit.

The butterflies started a havoc in my belly, freeing a little giggle.

“Tell me what you’re planning, Cariño.”

I nodded to myself, coming closer until my hands were resting on his chest. I rose on my tiptoes and brought my mouth close to his.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” I whispered over his parted lips.

His face. Priceless!

But Z knew me, so at the same time he looked devastated, his eyes narrowed, taking me in.

“Yeah? What movie?”

“A Christmas one.” I turned on my heels, moving to the ramp leading to the kitchen. “Hot chocolate?”

“Sure.” He stopped at the door and I grabbed the mugs and milk from the fridge.

“What movie you had in mind?” he asked again, still testing me.

I flicked my wrist, “It’s about this career obsessed girl who needs to go back to her hometown, and then she falls in love with a guy there. And learns the real meaning of Christmas, of course.”

AKA every Hallmark movie ever. Sucker.

He hummed under his breath before saying, “You know, Die Hard is a Christmas movie.”

I twirled on my feet with a roll of my eyes, “Do straight men have a meeting to decide what kind of shenanigans will they be spreading every quarter?”

His lip twitched dipping his chin, “Alright, finish the drinks and will I get the movie ready?”


“And the title?”

“Hmm, I think it was something, something in love.” I lied. “It is added to my watch list.”

He left, but I wasn’t scared of being caught in my lie. I loved Christmas movies. I loved every girl who needed a change and went on to find it in the place she least expected. Call me a romantic, but life sucked enough for me not to indulge in a simple story about two good-looking people falling in love.

I finished the hot chocolates and brought them to the living room. Zeek had already a movie lined up, and I nodded like he got it right. He moved to one side of the couch, and I moved to the other.

Again, his eyebrows moved up, but he said nothing, letting me sit and take the first sip before he pressed play.

I stretched my legs over the couch until they reached him, and he grabbed my foot and smiled, “Feliz noche buena, cariño.”

It wasn’t a traditional Mexican Christmas Eve like the ones we grew up with, but it was extra special to me. Our first Christmas as a couple. Our first time alone in the house we shared.

I let out a satisfied sigh and drank my hot chocolate with my eyes glued to the television.

Z massaged my foot as we watched his thumb digging into the arch. I held a moan back because of my plan.

Yes, the plan.

Gather around children. Tía Maddie is going to tell a story.

Once upon a time, Zeek was my best friend. The best friend a girl could have. He killed all cockroaches I’ve ever encountered and brought me to not one, but two Twilight movie premiers.

The man was a treasure. But he was my very platonic treasure. I grew up with him and he was… Zeek. Yes, I wasn’t blind. He was Zeek King, a freaking basketball player with totally lickable abs. You know when you say a word too many times and they start sounding weird to your own ears?

That was how it felt. People said so many times we were meant to be together and I denied and denied until my denial made no sense. I couldn’t tell you when it happened, it just did. One day I woke up, we were in college, living together, sleeping in the same bed and I really wanted to lick those abs.

But my shining knight armor was…

He was that. Good, pure and amazing. He kept me firmly in the friend zone, but since I am no angel… I took great enjoyment torturing him just a little.

That’s the thing when you’re trying to seduce someone you know better than the back of your hand.

You know exactly how to make them kneel.

I put my mug away, with a lazy stretch moved down, my eyes still on the movie while Becky, Lisa or Sophia battled with their feelings for the baker, woodworker or small-town sheriff.

I made sure to move real slowly, letting my chest jiggle, because one thing guaranteed when seducing Zeek? He went crazy for my chest.

Good for me, the girls were huge.

I forced myself to look at the TV and hide my smile while I felt my cheeks burning with his stare.  

Mmmm, I really missed teasing him.

Next, I wiggled my toes until I felt him under those basketball shorts. He wasn’t hard, not yet, but caressed my feet slowly up his dick, giving him time to get with the program.


I went on my elbows, biting back a smile. “Yeah?”

He said nothing, so I kept going. Moving my feet over him, feeling him harden, hearing his breathing change. My eyes were focused on the movie, but I couldn’t tell what was happening anymore.

I bit my cheek, glancing his direction when I felt him tenting his shorts. Merry Christmas to me.

A zapping sound made me jump. Zeek took the tinsel from our small Christmas tree in one move. The poor thing spun in its spot before falling pathetically on the floor.

“Hey! Look what you did to Clara!”

Zeek got up to his full height. Not even complaining, I named the Christmas tree. With tinsel roped in his both hands, he cracked it like it was a whip.

I narrowed my eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Who knows, you better than anyone?” He cracked the tinsel.

I gulped. “You.”

“Who knows when you’re looking for trouble?” He cracked the tinsel.

I bit my lip. “You.”

Slowly, he bent down, his face closer to mine. “Are you looking for trouble, Maddie?”

My eyes widened. I was nodding before I could stop myself. I was in control five seconds ago, but next, he was turning off the TV and coming back to me.


He smiled, giving me a slow kiss. “Tell me if it is too tight.”

“Too tight?” the words barely were out of my mouth and I felt it. Zeek quickly roped the tinsel around my wrists, bounding them together.

“Is it?” he asked again. “Too tight?”

I shook my head.

He raised my hands to rest on top of my head before taking my breast in his hand, a relieved breath coming out of him. I squirmed when he stopped touching me, but my pain was short-lived when he opened my shorts with one quick move.

“Now, let’s see what you have here.”

He pushed my shorts and panties down my legs, and brought my t-shirt up. When I thought of saying something, he reached for my bra and put the cups down, not caring to remove them properly.

“Is that how you want to spend Noche buena, Maddie?”

I mean, yes. What girl wouldn’t? We could go home and be civil with our families and maybe escape after midnight with a wicked plan, but this…

This was much better.

He never waited for my confirmation. My mouth fell open in a whimper when he buried his head between my legs.

You know someone for your whole life. You know their quirks, the way they move and what they like to do and then… BAM.

You find out they eat pussy like a champ.

Zeek’s tongue worked me like nothing else, his big hands holding my legs apart as he licked me front to back and then back again.

When my head was swimming, when I couldn’t put rational thoughts together, he concentrated on my clit, sucking gently in his mouth, making my whole body tremble.

“You taste so good, Maddie.” He called between my tights. “How come you taste so sweet?”

Whatever I said next was impossible to make out. I was barely stringing words together.

I couldn’t believe he was mine. He was tall, athletic, and half of the campus was in love with him. Zeek was an easy-going guy. He wasn’t counting the girls who turned their necks when saw him coming. But I knew.

I knew someone that looked that delicious wasn’t going to be secretly in love with his quirky best friend.

And now?

His mouth devoured me like that time he begged me to ride his face. All the times we came together were epic. I could argue that this was the best way to find a sex partner. Being best friends with them first.

Zeek knew my body more than I knew it myself. He kissed, licked and bit when and where I needed. His hands held me in place, my skin burning under his fingertips as he lavished on me and my moans.

“Z…” I called.

“Tell me, Cariño. What do you need? What else can I give you?”

“Fuck me. You need to fuck me.”

His growl vibrated inside me, like I had my own alive vibrator man. “I will when you come.”

“Don’t bargain with me, Zeek King.” I had a growl of my own.

He chuckled, nipping the side of my leg and pumping his long fingers in and out as he curled them inside, hitting me in the right place.

“Be good and come for me so I can give you what you want.”

And even if I wanted to hold back only because arguing, bickering, talking and being with Z were my favorite things in the world, he knew me all too well. His tongue swirled over my clit and he pumped his fingers, adding a third to stretch me for him.

My toes curled, my wrists tested the strength of the tinsel holding them together and I came. His name stuck in my throat, hoarse as it came out, my breathing chopped and my legs melting.

That’s why you get a male best friend, ladies. Eyes on the prize.

Before I could go back to myself, his hand closed around the tinsel and pulled me up, bringing me to a sitting position. Standing in front of me, his basketball shorts tenting with the massive erection I really wanted to take care of. I licked my lips and looked straight at it like I could melt the shorts with my eyes and I heard him chuckling over my head, “Not now.”

I frowned, looking up, wondering how he dared to deny me.

“It’s Christmas, Z.” I reminded him, outraged.

“It’s time to be a good girl, then.” He teased.

My smile turned into a smirk when he let go of my wrists, letting them drop over my lap, and took my chin between his fingers.

“Turn around. Ass up.”

“Z…” I arched an eyebrow.

“Let me show you how I can take care of you, Maddie.” He came close to bite down my lower lip. “Are you going to scream in Spanish for me?”


Yeah. I was, and it wasn’t going to be cute because every time he opened that sinful mouth of his? I started spinning nonsense.  

I turned on my knees, my back to him and my stomach on the back of the couch. I rested my bounded wrists at front and looked at him over my shoulders.

First, he helped me out of the t-shirt, at least over my neck, leaving it hanging by my bounded wrists. Then, my bra suffered the same fate.

I’d complain about the fact my wrists now look like a clothesline, but I swallowed that right up when he slapped my ass, making it sting for just a second before soothing with his large palm.

My best friend loved spanking me. That was a sentence running through my mind a lot these days.

My best friend loved eating me out. Loved taking me rough. Loved making me beg.

He was sweet, attentive in one breath and a sex god in the next. Looking at him over my shoulder, as he stared at my ass, I took time taking in his features. Zeek was always good looking, but now that he was mine, he was something else, too.

Hungry. He licked his bottom lip, lowering the elastic band of his shorts. He took himself out, slowly stroking and watching me with a challenge in his eyes.

“Little Maddie Mendoza, are you wet for me?”


He chuckled, coming closer, covering my back with his chest, “What you’re going to do if I don’t give it to you?”

I ground my teeth and looked back, making him chuckle again and sway my ass. “I’ll give it. I said I can take care of what you need, right?”

Nodding, I held myself to the back of the couch as he slowly took the tip of his cock and played with my skin. Covering me a little further, making me bent on my waist, he whispered in my ear, “Bend over for me.” And took an earlobe to his mouth.

I did what I was told, and he held my ass up with one hand over my hip as I felt him positioning himself behind.

“Are you going to scream my name when you come?”

“Don’t I always?”

“Fuck, you do.” He rasped, most to himself than to me, something animalistic and full of wonder.

Before the shiver from his tone ran down my spine completely, he impaled himself inside.

My mouth fell open. Zeek was a big boy, but when I called him that, he made a face. Well shit, so Zeek was big. Thick. Proportional to his damn height.

His thrusts took whimpers from my mouth so easily. His hand reached for the back of my neck, lowering me further, making half of my body hang off the couch.

The tinsel stung my skin when I realized I wanted to break free and hold on to something. Anything. But Z wouldn’t let me. He held me in place and completely took over my body, one devastating move after the other.

I shook, I died, I called out his name, and he brought me to the brink and then back again.

“Z, are you trying to kill me?”

His damp chest glued to my back, his mouth on my ear, “I want you to be addicted to me.”

It was my time to laugh, shaking my head. “I am. I’ve always been. It’s ridiculous, actually.”

His hand went around and down my body, two fingers teasing my clit. “I want more.”

To his teasing, I responded with a strangled moan. Feeling all at once, I barely could make it. He kept thrusting, now faster and circling my clit with his fingers until he brought it to his mouth, tasting me     .

“Un poco más, cariño.” He whispered.

What more he needed? My love? My need for him? My orgasm?

Whatever it was, I was ready to give it to him.

He increased his pace, his fingers working me more until I threw my head back as he talked in a low, husky voice.

“Yes, come for me, Maddie. Just for me.”

I broke into a thousand pieces. My climax hit with all the force, my skin on his, my toes curling. Next he groaned, and I felt as he came, pulsing inside me until we were both falling apart and lost in one another.

Mouth dry, I only came back to focus when I felt his fingers undoing the tinsel. I moved my wrists around when it fell to the floor. Zeek hooked an arm around my waist and turned me with him, so I was sitting on his lap as he sat on the couch.

I was still breathing quickly when his hands found my breasts, playing with my nipples.

“Every time you blow my mind.” He sighed, satisfied.

I smiled, but shook my head. “I was just there for the ride.”

I was. I could barely move because of the way he trapped me. Even thinking about it made me hot all over again.



“I think you unlocked another kink.”

He laughed and moved me so I was sitting beside him, but my feet were across his lap. “I keep doing that.”

“Wipe that satisfied smirk off, butt face.” I said, but I could barely contain my smile.

“What?” he shrugged. “Can’t I guy be proud to unlock all the kinks in his girlfriend?” and then he cupped my face, something going on behind his eyes. “Fuck, I’m proud to be your boyfriend.”

I groaned, throwing my head back and looking up at the ceiling. “Stop being perfect, Zeek. You’re already too hot. I’m only five feet tall. I can’t murder every woman on campus.”

He nodded, trying to look serious. “I know, I’m sorry. I’ll try better from now on.”

“You better. I can’t defend my territory.”

He chuckled and kissed me slowly. “You’ll never have to defend anything, Maddie. Forever, as long as we live, it will always be Maddie and Zeek. It’s us and no one else.”

I squeezed my eyes shut for just a second for the sheer perfection of this man.

“It’s us and no one else.” I raised my pinky finger between us.

He nodded, hooking his pinky with mine. “There was always only you, Maddie Mendoza.”

He kissed me tenderly, making me feel grateful for us and the stupid journey that led us to where we were. Having Christmas sex on our couch.

Falling in love with your best friend was funny like that. It was like discovering a new person and not at the same time.

It was getting to know my favorite person all over again. But this time, I knew he was mine.

And only mine.

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